Documentation labels Labeler Guns
Sterilization equipment Documentation System consists of two parts:

1. Documentation labels:


  • Rups Sterilization equipment Documentation Labels are self adhesive double layered, with class-1 process indicator for steam, ethylene oxide, hydrogen gas plasma and formaldehyde on removable layer according to EN ISO 11140-1 standard.
  • Rups self adhesive labels use glue that is made to withstand the high temperature, humidity, vacuum power during sterilization process. The glue used is free from latex and does not cause any migration or leave any residue on different sterilization fabrics. The ink used in indicators is free from heavy metals.
  • LOT No. , Sterilizer No. , Expiry date, Name of the responsible person etc. can be printed on the label with the help of labeling gun.


Removable layer with all information and Class 1 chemical indicator is to be pasted on patient record so that this data can be reproduced when required.

2. Labeler Guns:

  • The high quality imported labeler runs smoothly.
  • Easy to handle and reload.


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