• Rups process indicator tapes are used as external exposure control indicators for steam, plasma and EO gas sterilization.

  • Rups process indicator tape can be used to seal package that are to be sterilized.

  • Rups indicator tapes are self adhering on one side and chemical indicator (class 1) on the other side.

It shows distinct color change from light to dark.

  • The utility of Rups process indicator tape is to distinguish between processed and unprocessed articles and to indicate whether the particular pack exposed to sterilization process or not.

  • Rups process indicator tapes in no way indicate successful sterilization process.

  • Rups process indicator tapes are made of lead-free, non-toxic ink. Due to strong but latex free adhesive Rups process indicator tapes does not leave any residue on the non-woven or woven surface.

  • Rups plasma, steam and EO gas indicator tapes are available in rolls of 55 meter length.
    Rups masking tapes are also available to seal the packages.



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