• “Detect Air” is a compact Bowie Dick (B&D) Type Test Pack.

  • “Detect Air” is a daily steam penetration test for detecting air leakages, and presence of non-condensable gases in dynamic air removal steam sterilizers.


The test pack is placed in the sterilizer in the area which is most difficult to sterilize and run through a sterilization cycle for 3.5 minutes at 1340C. An air removal failure/leakage is indicated as a lighter-colored area in the center of an otherwise dark-colored test sheet.


  • “Detect Air” is made from unbleached paper loads and lead-free indicator inks, eliminating the headaches of a safe disposal.

  • “Detect Air” Test Pack confirms to ISO 11140-1, Class-2 standards. The performance of “Detect Air” is equivalent to the Bowie-Dick towel pack, as described in ANSI/AAMI ST79.

  • Bowie Dick Test Sheets (20cm x 25cm) are also available.

Additional Features of “Detect Air” Bowie and Dick Test Pack

  • Unique Design

  • Meeting all standards

  • Unique and never before thumb cut for convenience of taking out the test sheet.

  • Convenient pack, Goes to sterilizer as it is.

  • Unique design with highest catchments area for detecting non-condensable gases.

  • Sharp, contrast color change.

  • Most user-friendly test pack ever made available.

  • Most competitive price.



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