Tests have shown that instruments with lumen and hollow tubes are difficult to effect air removal and sterilant penetration. They have a tendency to collect non-condensable gases inside the lumen or minimum invasive surgery (MIS) instruments which can affect the sterilization of inside surface.

Standard chemical integrators and biological indicators can measure sterilization on the outer surface only.

Rups Batch Monitoring System is available for Steam, EO and Plasma.

Rups Batch Monitoring System is a specialized monitoring system consists of two parts:
  • A Process Challenged Device (PCD) that simulates the most difficult of instrument conditions in the hollow instruments like MIS, etc.
  • Specialized Class 2 Chemical Indicators are used inside the PCD to ensure that air removal and steam penetration parameters have been achieved.


The integrator is placed in the capsule of PCD and closed. Inside the sterilizer the sterilant has to enter from the open end, pass through the entire length of coiled tube and then reaches the capsule.

The complete change in color guarantees sterilization of both inside and outside of hollow and complex devices.

Complies per EN Standard 867 part 5.



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